Our Mission And Our Vision

Taken Care of Quality Products

Our mission is to be a leader in the Dairy Industry in terms of quality of products, to support the rural Milk Producers in uplifting their quality of life and the rural economy, and to make all the Milk Producers in the region viable and ensure quality Milk and Milk Products to consumers.

Our vision is to give the best quality, safe dairy products to customers and maximum remunerative price to dairy farmers, while providing technical inputs and facilities to dairy farmers at the village level.

Our Aim

  • To utilise products derived from desi cows to generate income and employment in the rural areas
  • To promote self reliant local energy generation from cow dung viz. Biogas for cooking, lighting and electricity generation.
  • To supply cow milk and its products to prevent malnutrition in the rural areas
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  • To encourage shifting from chemical agriculture to organic agriculture
  • To grow medicinal plants and herbs for rural local health care
  • To develop waste land for food, fodder, fiber and employment generation


  • To establish an illustrative model dairy farm with all the latest facilities in cattle health care, an environment friendly and healthy farm unit, through which training can be imparted to the dairy farmers in the region.
  • The farm will be equipped with the latest techniques in management of cows, increasing the milk yield and establishing alternative uses for the disposed wastes (like urine and dung) creating additional income for the farmer.
  • To produce the best fodder varieties with higher nutrient content and their further multiplication in the region, while making silage pits for surplus fodder storage.
  • To create collective viable biogas plants from farm waste and train farmers in the use of solar energy for dairy.
  • To increase cattle wealth, thereby making the rural dairy industry self sufficient.
  • To make sincere efforts to encourage Rural Women in Dairy Farming, to empower Rural Women through participation in Dairy Farming to help them become self confident, self reliant and able to run Dairy Farms more efficiently. The process is coupled with creating awareness campaigns for the women concerning management of the Dairy, enhancement of milk production by providing Breeding, Feeding and Managerial services to the beneficiaries.
  • To bring prosperity to Milk Producers in the region through assured market and remunerative prices all year round.
  • To provide fresh hygienic milk to urban consumers at reasonable rates.
  • To establish research and quality control laboratories required for the dairy industry.
  • To ensure viability and growth of Milk Producers by converting surplus milk into other dairy products and ensure their marketing. To carry out activities for promoting production, procurement processing and marketing of milk and milk products for the economic development of the farming community.