Charaka Amruth's delicious and tasty Desi Gau/Cow ghee

Desi Gau/Cow ghee’s rich fragrance and nutty taste makes it one of the most tastiest and delicious products of Bharathiya cuisine.

Desi cow ghee has rich fragrance and is traditionally prepared just the way our ancestors used to prepare, by setting curd in the households. The curd is then churned in traditional Bellona method and the butter obtained is heated to make ghee.

The preparation of Charaka ghee includes temperature controlled, carefully simmered butter which gives the ghee a delicious taste and an appeasing aroma. Advantages of Charaka Desi Cow Ghee: Charaka desi Gir Gau/cow ghee contains beneficial fat which is untouched, unadulterated and is fresh. This Ghee is not only delicious, aromatic and also have lots of other health benefits and is known to balance Vata and Pitta in our body and retains all the essential nutrients and fatty acids. Charaka pure desi Gau / Cow ghee is known to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol.

Other benefits of this pure desi Gau / Cow ghee include treating skin diseases, mitigating migraine attacks, restore digestive problems, acidity, sinus etc., Traditionally Bharathiya’s use ghee in their daily diet for taste and health reasons while consuming with hot rice, chapathis, parathas etc., apart from its wide usage in preparation of various sweets.