Dashagavya or enriched Panchagavya

Ingredients : Fresh Gau / Cow dung 5 kg cow urine 3 ltr, Milk 2 Ltr Curd 2 Ltr, Ghee 0.5 Kg, sugar Cane Juice 3 litres, tender coconut water 3 litres, riped banana paste 12 numbers and toddy or grape juice 2 litres.

Preparation : Mix fresh Gau / Cow dung & ghee in a container and ferment for 3 days with intermittent stirring. Add rest of the ingredients on the 4 th day and ferment for another 15 days with stirring twice daily. The formulation will be ready in 18 days. For foliar spray 3% solution, that is mix 3 litres dashagavya in 100 ltr water and spray. The same diluter can be used for soil application also.