Green Manure

The first step in starting organic farming is to detoxify the soil to make it suitable for organic
farming. It can be done by following manner.

  1. Stop all chemical inputs
  2. Go for organic input alternatives

In the first year green manure plays a very important role in adding sufficient nutrients into the soil.

This can be done by growing legume crops like sun hemp, dhaincha, cluster bean, etc once these are grown for sufficient time, before flowering stage these are again incorporated in to the soil to make the soil rich in nutrients.

4. Adding of farm yard manure or good matured compost @ 2.5 ton per acre will yield good results.
5. Adding of 30% legumes crop residue will result in good nitrogen fixation.
6. Mixed / multiple cropping and crop rotation is the key to success in organic farming
7. Use of liquid / organic bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticides for better results.

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