Organic Farming

Organic Agriculture / farming is not a new concept. It is very much native to our land. It was the way our forefathers did agriculture for thousands of years without any decline in soil fertility and without harming the environment

In today’s terminology it can be defined as a method of farming system which primarily aims at cultivating the land and harvesting the crops in such a way as to keep the soil fertile and in good health by use of organic / agriculture leftover with beneficial microbes to release nutrients to crops for increased sustainable production in an eco-friendly pollution free environment.

In short it is a organic agricultural system which avoids the use of synthetic / chemical inputs such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides hormones, etc, and use the on/off farm organic inputs for farming. A fertile soil is the basis of organic farming. A live, healthy soil, with proper cropping pattern, crop residue management and effective crop rotation with companion cropping can sustain optimum productivity over the years, without any deterioration in fertility.

As a strategy, the quantity of biomass removed from the soil for human food and fiber, cattle feed and fire wood from any organic farm should be replaced with any other organic / bio supplements be it in the form of cattle dung, Compost, on / off farm left over etc.,