Pest Management : Use of chemical / synthetic pesticide is totally banned in Charaka way of organic farming. Some of the organic preparations for control of pests is as follows:

1) Neem : Neem has been found to be effective in the management of about 200 insects, pests, and nematodes. Spread 100 kg of neem seed / cake in one acre land to get good results.

2) Gau / Cow Urine : Gau / Cow urine diluted with water in 1:20 ratio use as foliar spray is not only, effective in the management of pathogens insects, but also acts as a growth promoter for the crop.

3) Fermented Butter milk : Ferment Butter milk in a mud pot with a copper plate in it for 10 to 20 days. Mix with equal quantity of water to the fermented days & spray. Very effective in controlling white fly, aspids etc. also acts as growth promoter for the crop.

4) Neem Gau / Cow urine extract with copper
Gau / Cow urine – 10 ltr
Neem Leaves / seed 2.5 kg
Garlic : 100 gms
Copper plate
Mud pot

Add Gau / Cow urine, neem leave & garlic in a mud pot and ferment it for 21 days after which boil the solution with a copper plate in it up to ½ of the original solution. Filter the solution after cooling mix 2 litres of this solution in 100 litres of water and spray. Effective in majority of pest formed infection.

Caution : Avoid spraying during flowing stage.