About Us

Shri M.Suryanarayana Reddy, an agriculturist since last few decades has been a very progressive farmer with the intention of producing pesticide and chemical free farm products for the well being of consumers. And he as been the president of “Bharatiya Kisan Sangh” and has done tremendous work with an objective of

improving the financial positions of the rural agriculturists.

A philosopher, Cow lover, philanthropist and person with commitment work, freedom of Speech and concern for human rights. He was also arrested during the emergency period in the year 1977, and kept in Nizamabad Zail. In the year 2010 Shri M.Suryanarayana Reddy incorporated “Charaka Dairy Private Limited” for promotion of Desi Gaw/Cow to supply Farm Fresh and pure healthy milk called ” Charaka Amruth” to the health conscious consumers.

An ardent believer in Ayurveda Shri M.Suryanarayana Reddy (a Gau / Cow lover) after a great deal of thought and concern for the milk consumers has initiated to start a pure Gir Gau/Cow breed dairy farm at Battugudem near Bibinagar and at Andole village near Sangareddy District, so as to make available the desi Gau / Cow “Amruth” as described by Charaka Maharshi, in its purest form of A2 desi cow milk directly from farm to consumers doorsteps without involving any middlemen to avoid any possible mischief en-route. The present commercialization of milk supplies throughout the country which is rampantly reported to be A1 milk with lots of adulterants, neutralizers, preservatives & various other harmful chemicals, detergents, etc is harmful and injurious to the health of the milk consumers.

With this pious intention to supply pure desi A2 cow milk & milk Products, Shri M.Suryanarayana Reddy has founded Charaka Dairy private limited & are the pioneers in the supply of Desi A2 Gau / Milk with brand name as “Charaka Amruth” and supplying this milk since last 10 years in twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.

Apart from being a dairy farmer, he believes in propagation of organic farming and with this philosophy in view has started organic farming at Andole – village near Sangareddy with the intention of demonstrating & teaching the nearby farmers in organic farming techniques. In addition, in this endeavour to develop desi cow breeds, a breeding farm at Pedaravulapalli was started in 2010 since then several dairy farmers have got the benefit of developed good breed off springs for supply of good quality desi Gau / Cow milk & milk products. Our Aims & Objectives : Our ancient India was hale & healthy wise & wonderful & rich and a culturally advanced country, Charaka believes a situation from present situation to where we were.

Desi Gau/cow has become almost extinct because of operation flood, which emphasized more on increasing the milk production in quantity rather than quality and all this at the cost of our desi cow breeds. Charaka is aiming at a nation of healthy people by protecting our sacred desi Gau/cow breeds.

Supply of A2 cow milk in place of the available A1 milk which is harmful for health.

Develop a marketing network to supply pure desi A2 Cow milk directly from farm to consumers doorsteps without involving any middlemen.

To supply pure milk to health-conscious consumers with emphasize on growing kids and to all other age groups.

To propagate and promote organic farming techniques and its practical implementation to the fellow farmers.